Reporting question for Tube Converter - Yellow Jacket®, YJS

Tube Converter - Yellow Jacket®, YJS

I'm considering using these in my '93 Blues Deluxe as I have to be rattling the walls and windows in order to get any breakup. I need to know the following : - Are these compatible as my amp is 'fixed bias' ? - Can I switch back to the original 6L6 tubes when I want the power and headroom? If so, will I need to make any adjustments? - Do these adapters come with anything other than the EL34s? Thanks a lot!

Your amp is a " fixed bias" with an adjustable bias pot. You should be able to take out the 6L6 tubes and install the Yellow Jackets with no issues or adjustment. When re installing the 6L6 tubes I would still suggest checking the bias but you can switch them at will.