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This is a good pedal choice if you have a single clean channel only amp. I am disappointed with this kit for the following reasons:

1. I didn't learn anything about how effects pedals work or what each individual component provided in the kit was for. All I learned was how to follow the assembly instructions, which are very well written and easy to follow. I guess I expected, this component is the first gain stage, sort of tutoring.

2. My pedal checks out on the test points with the correct voltages etc, but my pedal does not at all produce the results found in the sound sample. My volume pot works fine but does not increase volume beyond that of the amps boost function. The gain pot hardly works at all not engaging until max setting. The gain obtained from the pedal is much less than the gain from the gain channel.

3. there is really no way provided to check results as assembly is taking place. The trouble shooting procedures are not in depth enough to be of any real use. For example, what do you do when your voltage is high on tube pin 7?

This was a good experience and I am glad I tried this. It made me realize I would likely not enjoy building my own amp from a kit as, I would end up with an amp I already have and there is no real pleasure in wiring a tube socket or tinning the ends of hundreds of wires required to build an amp.

If this is your first effects pedal build then sort the kits low to high in price and choose the least expensive kit with the fewest components as your first kit. Also choose a pedal carefully and get something your amp doesn't already do.

dscheall - May 7th, 2014