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I got this kit one year ago and built it in about two weeks of evenings. I had a little solid state combo amp with a ten inch speaker that had died on me. So I removed the solid state chassis and fitted the Mod 102 chassis inside the cabinet. With a few slight modifications to the cabinet, and turning over the graphics on the Mod 102 panel, it looks almost like it could have come from the factory that way. The best part is the sound and performance. It sounds much better, much more organic than the SS amp ever did, esp[ecially when pushed a little. Generally I run it with the knobs all on about 6, and there is a nice, soft edge to the distortion. I turn the guitar volume down or play lightly for clean tones and turn it up or dig in for distortion.

It's not only a great little practice amp, but I mic it and play it as a worship leader at my church. - April 27th, 2014