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I tried a matched pair of these jj tesla el-844 lower power version in my Egnater Rebel 30 and bias about 37ma a pair.
The RI mullard el84 pair was in there before is boxed up and put away after hearing the even harmonic nature of the JJ tubes.
A much more natural tube sound and the highs were spot on and no harsh peaks in the highs were there.
If i push the mullard hard they are good,but mostly i dont need that much power right now.
So id say pushed there both great tubes when overdriven and the JJ crunches real nice and a creamy grind on the mullards are just different flavors
Right now im considering a pair for my Rebel 20 head .
Rubys are to crispy brite for my mean 90 pickups and my standard jj tesla el84 tubes didnt seem to be as favorable to my ears as these el-844 tubes are even at low volume practice nice tubes they are.
I will say the mullards are my second choice now .
If i right a review im impressed or very dissapointed .
I luv this new el-844....

ijam - October 16th, 2013