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The only tube I buy for the PI position. There are reviews out there claiming that these, current production Mullard, and the Gold Lion B759 are all the same tube. I own at least one of all three, and I can tell you that they are not. They do share the same basic bottle size and plate structure, but the similarities end there. The Gold Lion, albeit overpriced, is as good as advertised. In my Rockerverb and SLO, I couldn’t find a spot where I liked it. In my Vox, I couldn’t find a spot where I didn’t like it. The LPS is by far the best bang for the buck. You typically find them for less money than the Mullard reissue, and in my experience, they sound better and are less noisy. The Sovtek LPS is one of the best current production 12AX7’s available, regardless of price.

Chris G - July 29th, 2021