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I just put a set of the T-12AX7-MUL tubes in my Peavey 5150. I had a set of JJ tubes in it.
The Mullard Reissue 12AX7's ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
They blow any other tube I've ever used in my 5150. I'm going to install a set of these in my back-up
5150. I was able to take the preamp gain to 5.5 with less hiss than the JJ'S at about 4.7 and it sounded as if i had my MXR Micro Amp on!
I would highly recommend these tubes for anyone that is playing metal that does'nt want to rely on a distortion or OD pedal for killer crunch on your rythm channel.

Shredder - October 10th, 2013