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Amp had an intermittent solder joint at one of the 6L6GC screen resistors that eventually blew out one of the original Ruby output tubes. After finding and correcting the problem a matched pair of JJ 6L6GC tubes from Amplified Parts brought the amp back to life and is now better than new, sounding great with full bottom and top end. Thing here is that the tubes I received were matched perfectly when measured on a transconductance tube tester and when biased were within less than a milliamp of each other. Signal testing with an oscilloscope showed a very symmetrical both clean and overdriven output waveform, confirming the well matched tubes. This was my first purchase from Amplified Parts and will absolutely purchase again from Amplified Parts when tube matching is needed for any of my amps since the quality and cost amounted to a very good value. BTW this is an honest voluntary review and I have no affiliation with Amplified Parts. Again, very happy with purchase.

EdG - March 9th, 2021