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I put a set of these in a Soldano 20 watt head along with 3 12ax7's from Svetlana and let me tell you these TAD EL-84 tubes are the juice! They blow every other power tube away and I have tried them all. JJ's, Mullard's, Sovtek's, Ruby's, Tung-Sol's, and GT's, just to name a few. None of them come close to the sound of these TAD's! Powerful bass and nice mid's along with sparkling high that are not piercing or harsh. They also made the amp way louder than any other tube combination I have tried. They also have the most clean headroom and since I use a floor processor and some other pedals in my loop that was important to me. My amp now sounds awesome! I play out every week and this 20 watt head keeps up with the 60 watt Fender 4x10 Deville right next to me and the mega Ampeg bass amp from our bass player! We play '70's rock, blues and some country rock. We have a 5 piece band and we play loud. This amp and tube combo are superb! If have a chance to try these TAD tubes, by all means you need to give them a try. I am very pleased with them and I think yo will be too! Awesome choice I made and will never look back! Thanks!

- January 20th, 2012