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This tube is a 'lower rated' tube with a 9 watt output compared to the standard (rated) 12 watt output of any other EL84. However, everyone who can count will notice that 9 +9 = 3 more watts than the 15 which every amp that uses a single pair of EL84 tubes is rated for. 4 of them will produce 36 watts which is 6 more than an AC 30 is rated for, etc.,etc.,As far as this EL-844 goes, ive been paying close attention to the 4 newest JJ's; the 5Y3GT, 6CA7,6550 and this one, and its prety obvious to me that JJ has a thing for old American GE tubes right now....AWSOME!!!! GE was the greatest,and this one seems like a stab at reproducing the GE - 6BQ5. GO for it JJ.More please. How about a GE 12AY7? All the afore mentioned tubes rock and who needs another Chinese "Just Like Telefunken" tube that has about as much resemblance to a Telefunken as does a Christmas tree bulb.

- October 6th, 2011