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As a avid DIYer and bass player I came across this site and immediately ordered the Persuader. After a few short evenings of soldering and assembling I was ready to test it out only to find that i wasnt getting any of the tube effect at all. One email to customer service pointed me in the right direction for troubleshooting and ended up having a bad mosfet which they promptly sent to me for free! Not only did I increase my soldering and wiring capabilities and get to troubleshoot a minor problem but now i am left with a totally KICK A$$ pedal that ROCKs! Also i picked up a few new tubes to modify the sound: jj803-s, sovtek LPS, and tubestore preferred series. So far the JJ long plate has the best break up for bass while the sovtek has a little to much break up, while the preferred series sounds good all around it fits a guitar sound better.

max - February 22nd, 2013