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So I recently decided on this wonderful can Cap for an old HiFi Tube amp restoration. A Stromberg Carlson ASR-444, if anyone cares. Well, let me tell you, these are NICE CAPACITORS! Apparently made on the old mallory Machinery. After removing all the components and wires from the old cap, I removed it. This new one popped right in. Like it was always there. Nice strong Tabs for soldering and twisting multiple leads through/around.TwistLock tabs are great and hold it tight. Sits nice and flush with the top of the Chassis. If not for the rather attractive printing on the can, you'd never know its been swapped. Very well made, and I wont hesitate to use again. Id used these before, but I swear the mounting tabs have gotten better/stronger than a few years ago. Maybe any rate. These are first class Caps! I have about 60 hours "break-in" on the amp and this capacitor and it couldnt sound better!! Im still playing with coupling caps...but this is a killer cap and is working perfectly. Amplifiedparts shipped it super fast as usual.

Brodtek HiFi - March 18th, 2019