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First the down side: I found the labels to be subpar. Printing was flawed with black areas having many non-printed areas leaving a spotted background. When I attempted to cut the labels out with my X- ACTO knife they shredded. I ended up using a label maker.

Now the up side: This was a fun kit to build. I followed the suggestion of a previous reviewer and made sure that all paint was removed where terminal strips mounted to the chassis. I then verified solid ground connections were made using an ohm meter. The component layout diagrams are very helpful for component placement. However, I found it useful to change the sequence of some steps. For instance, where wire or components are soldered to the lower hole on a terminal strip I found it easier to do that before soldering components on upper parts of the strip. I also assembled and soldered the T2/T3 assembly externally by screwing them to a wooden block, soldering all components and then installing it as a unit into the chassis.

The schematic with voltages given for key points was very helpful when I inadvertently skipped a step and the amp did not work. Standard troubleshooting techniques using the schematic found the problem.

Customer support: There was a mix up in parts, partially my error and partially Amplified Parts error. Customer support by Wesley Fleck was superb and reason enough to buy from them. The issue was quickly resolved. Thank you again Wesley!

I will be buying another kit in the future from Amplified Parts.

DougWheeler - August 6th, 2018