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This review assumes you know what these switchplugs do and how freekin' cool they are to have at one end of your guitar cord.

IMHO, Amphenol is the best guitar "switch plug" out there, even better than the Neutrik Silent plugs. I make a line of pro guitar cables and have used both Neutrik and Amphenol on my guitar cords for years. I can honestly say that the Amphenol do hold up better, especially the 90º plugs. While Neutrik uses a slick reed switch that is hermetically sealed from dirt, the Amphenol 's simpler self-cleaning mechanical switch seems to not have the issues of the Neutrik. The Neutrik 90º 1/4" plug suffers from an apparent quality and design problem that Neutrik simply will not fix. Amphenol is a stronger design with a smooth switch that works flawlessly every time.

A few negatives to just be aware of.... The gold-plated tip is only necessary if the jack in your guitar has gold-plated contacts too, so order the Amphenol without a gold tip and pay less. There are some active circuitry electric and acoustic guitars and also some modeling amps that do not like switchplugs and using them could cause electrical problems. Amphenol plugs are not industructible. You will need to take reasonable care of them if you want them to last. The Amphenol's blue switch is spring tensioned harder than the Neutrik Silent Plug, so if you have a weakly sprung jack or incorrectly adjusted Fishman-style barrel jack through an acoustic guitar's tail block, the Amphenol could either pop out OR not push the plug's switch in far enough to allow the signal to come on. I have seen that happen only on acoustics using Fishman type barrel jacks that are not adjusted through the tail block correctly. Other than that, Amphenol is a well made plug that is durable and has a good strain relief

guitartec - November 14th, 2017