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1/4" Mono 2-Conductor Input Jack, Open Circuit, Switchcraft

1/4" Mono 2-Conductor Input Jack, Open Circuit, Switchcraft
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RoHS Compliant
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Switchcraft Type 11 Littel-Jax phone jack mates with standard ¼" plugs and is available with 0.25" inside diameter bushing. Mono 2-Conductor. Open Circuit. Great replacement for Fender guitar & amp input jacks.
Includes nut and washer.

Product Specifications
All modelsChassis Hole Diameter0.375 in.
All modelsU.S. Thread Major Diameter0.375 in.
All modelsU.S. Thread Pitch32 tpi.
All modelsWeight0.019 lbs.
All modelsPackaging Length1.3 in.
All modelsPackaging Width0.8 in.
All modelsPackaging Height0.8 in.
switchcraft, WSC11

Product Reviews

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The cheapest and best modification you can do for a guitar is to install this jack. I own 3 Squier guitars including a CV 50's Strat, a VM Jaguar, and J Mascis Jazzmaster and I love all of them. But the tone on those guitars was lacking and there was noticeable, excessive, ground buzz coming from somewhere on all of them (it wasn't single coil hum). I decided to change the input jacks to a Switchcraft without expecting anything (never used them previously) and my mouth fell to the floor. It cleared up the tone and volume, eliminated the buzz, and keeps the cable in place without any jostling around. All of that for a couple dollars. I have a few other Fenders, including amps, and these are going straight in. Thank you Switchcraft, you are awesome, and the jacks on the Dimarzio cables are also Switchcraft and those are the best cables ever.

Excellent jacks! Great replacements for the crappy plastic ones that come on so many cabs.

Best jacks. Great price. Heavy duty!