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6L6WGS - Black Plate, Short Bottle, Made in China

6L6WGS - Black Plate, Short Bottle, Made in China
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RoHS Compliant
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6L6WGS - Black Plate, Short Bottle, Made in China

Product Specifications
T-6L6WGS-SINOWeight0.14 lbs.
Matched PairT-6L6WGS-SIN-MPWeight0.28 lbs.
Matched QuadT-6L6WGS-SIN-MQWeight0.56 lbs.

Product Reviews

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I got a quad of Tall Chinese Black Plates for my ValveKing head and they were good. An improvement over the stock Ruby's. Since the VK is fixed bias, the tall chinese were measured at 36ma which is good. But when I got the short chinese and put them in my other VK, WOW! Talk about twice as good! The notes jumped out on the crunch and the clean channel was extremely warm and well defined. The short chinese came in at 39.2ma measured at idle. I hate that the VK's are fixed bias, but with these short chinese you can get close to 40ma which is where my other amps with EL34's are biased at and have that tube amp mojo that we all seek.
So, if you have a ValveKing or any other 6L6 fixed bias amp and you really want to make it roar across the neighborhood, get a duet or quad of these. You won't be disappointed. They look really weird because they're so... short. But these bad boys PACK A PUNCH!