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5AR4 / GZ34, JJ

5AR4 / GZ34, JJ
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RoHS Compliant
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Octal rectifier tube (Max DC output current = 250 mA)

Product Specifications
All modelsWeight0.106 lbs.
All modelsPackaging Length4.8 in.
All modelsPackaging Width1.6 in.
All modelsPackaging Height1.6 in.
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Who has the $$$ to buy an NOS 5AR4? I never realized how much a rectifier tube can effect tone. I have a SUNN 200S bass head that has been having some issues. I replaced the old Amperex 5AR4 with a JJ and now my amp is much louder and has more punch. Granted, I don't know if this tube will last 40 years in the same head, but it's good to know that there is a high quality rectifier being made today. Highly recommended!