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12AX7, Tungsol Reissue

12AX7, Tungsol Reissue
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Russian made reissue of the original Tungsol.

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All modelsPackaging Length2.9 in.
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I replaced a set of jjs with these in a fender champion 600 (reissue) and man, what a difference! much smoother than jjs. I found the jjs so crunchy that they came off as harsh. the tung-sols are a great alternative that I'm probably going to stick with!

plus amplifiedparts.com has always been great to deal with!

I used the Tungsol to replace the stock GT tubes in the preamp section. What a difference! These are much quieter. I lost the hiss tube noise.The clarity is better and tone more balanced. Not as harsh as the GT's Also not as bright yet still plenty bright. The amp sound much better. Note. I replaced three tubes: the V1 normal, theV2 vibrato and the V4 Reverb recovery/ half gain stage for vibrato channel.

Got a Bogner Alchemist amp head and it was lacking something in the sound decided to put these babys in for preamp 5 straight across and lets just say I completed the task with 6L6,s in the power section and let me tell you night and day sound Im totally sold on them my amp took on a whole new sound its butter.....Dave

I've replaced a Chinese 12AX7 with this.
-Becoming quiet actually. It does NOT mean no noise, but feel like divided sounds from noises so each tone is more clearly.
-Getting smooth and depth in both low and high ends. With rich musical tone in CLEAN sound, I've fun to "roll-off" control with volume and tone knobs.

So, this tube would make me a touch sensitive player. RIP Cornell Dupree...

This tube really has some great character to it. I heard a bunch of reviews about it and was a little schepticle, but decided to try them out ayways and I'm really loving the tone and balance they deliver..this is the only preamp tube I'll be using from now on..

I have tried all the new production tubes and the only two I will use are the Tung Sol and the Electro Harmonix. The Tung Sol is in three of my Amps , which are a 3 watt, 15 watt and then 100 Watt Vintage Tube Amps. The TS is the only new production tube that has Tone to it, ALL the others ( jj, sov, mullard, GT etc) have no tone at all.
The Tung Sol is a very quiet tube, no microphonics.
The nicest thing about these reissue tubes it how nice they sound overdriven. They dont break up but give your highs so much texture and spectrum. All the descriptions I have seen of the tube are spot on; its beefy, great highs, defined mids, has alot of oomph! Sounds similair to the old RCA's 12ax7.
I am finding the new EH12ax7 is a nice tube too, has great break up

This is a good 12ax7. I found when comparing it to the JJ12ax7/Ecc83 it didn't push as hard. The JJ seems to be pure power, the TungSol does not. I think the TungSol is more musical and more tonally balanced overall than the JJ, better for cleans but not for overdrive especially when using the Tungsol with a 6l6.

If it is in one of MY personal amps it is usually NOS USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, etc. This new production tube is my personal favorite of all the current production ECC83s. The Ehx is OK, but quality varies, and the same is true for JJ. I not only test these in guitar amps and tube audio, but run them on either a Western Electric KS 15750, or Trippplet 3444 tube tester(s) with mA meters on the grid, cathode, and plate, and if I feel like real torture I will fire up a Tektronix 570 curve tracer. These not only sound nice, but matching them is easier than with a lot of new production tubes. These I use in many of my custom built amps clones and vintage amps. With Fender amps I usually use these exclusively. This is when I am not using real RCA, GE or Sylvania NOS tubes. I may substitute a 7025 NOS for the front end. In Marshall amps I will usually use these in everything, but the PI. That I will stick a select Ehx into that spot. New Sensor really did a great job with their "Tungsol" reissue tubes. Their 5881 is a favorite of mine too, but it won't replace the real deal JAN USA 5881. Sound is subjective, but putting a tube on $10K of test equipment is not. These do very well in both arenas. These are not great hi fi tubes, but are very nice for guitar, and bass.

I play through a Marshall JCM601 with a Fender American Deluxe 2006 Strat. I use the Tungsol 12AX7 in my preamp section and Electro-Harmonix 12AX7's for the next three tubes. I am using Mullard EL34s for the output, and I swear by the sound that I am getting with this amp. It has a Celestion 12 inch speaker.I swear by the Tungsol 12AX7 in the preamp section and that finalized by the Mullards is definitely the original sound of the 1970 Marshall Super Lead 100 1959 head on a smaller scale.I will wind this up by saying that I play ALL types of music ... period.


Amp: Jet City JCA20H
Speakers: 2 Jet City cabs w/Eminence Spkrs.
Axe: Gibson Les Paul Studio w/Duncan 59's N/B

I tried a butt-load of different tubes (mesa 12Ax7 SPAx7, JJ-ECC83-S, Groove Tubes GT12AX7-C, and the stock China 12AX7-B. And EL84 output tubes JJ, Groove Tubes, Mesa, and Stock China) No set or combination of the aforementioned were dialing it in. The tone was either too harsh, or muddy, or the bass was lost or something. Until, on a wild hair, I found what nailed it beautifully a Tungsol 12AX7 in V1 and V2, Mesa SPAX7 in V3/PI spot, and matched Sovtek EL84 power tubes. It sounded much warmer and smoother at all volume levels and it breaks up right where I wanted it to.

To be fair I wasn't looking for more headroom since I rarely play totally clean anyway. But with the exception of the GT12AX7-C, all the others cleaned things up too much for my taste. The GT's were just a tad harsh or edgy. The combo of Tungsol and Sovtek produce the early distortion without sounding too trebley and the individual notes are still well defined at higher volume levels. For reference My settings when playing at home: Gain 6 or 7, Bass 8, Mid 3, Treb 5, Pres 3, and Vol 2 - 4. For Club size venues I kick up the Mid to 5, Treb to 7, Pres to 5, Vol to 6 - 8, then I adjust the gain to dial it in (but it doesn't change much) I'm sold on this combination thanks to the Tungsols. I am extremely pleased with how it all comes together now and for this amp at least it'll be Tungsol for life.