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12AX7 / ECC83, JJ

12AX7 / ECC83, JJ
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This tube has a well balanced, colorful tone with strongly defined lows, mids and smooth highs. It allows for more clean head-room than higher gain 12AX7s. In overdrive, it is smooth and strong with well defined lows and mids. When pushed into overdrive it offers clean distortion with well balanced lows and mids. The JJ 12AX7 is well suited for all types of music and playing styles. It is also highly recommended for studio pre-amps and hi-fi gear

Product Specifications
All modelsWeight0.03 lbs.
All modelsPackaging Length2.5 in.
All modelsPackaging Width1 in.
All modelsPackaging Height1 in.
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Product Reviews

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I replaced tubes in an old dead Crate Vintage Club 30watt with the JJ 12Ax7's and JJ EL84's...WOW!!! It's never sounded this good. Im even going to say something I can't believe, I played thru a Kendrick New Joyzee I had Gerald Weber built until it got stolen, but this little 30 watt is driving warm all the way to SMOKEN!!! And this will be my amp until I get brave enough to build one myself. I also put a MOD reverb tank in it and its very smooth and sparkly.
Thanks for the great selection of part and supplies and the quick service. OUT of the PARK!!!

These came as Oem in my Blues Deluxe. Loved the sound so I put them in a Hot Rod Deluxe. Talk about warming up the sound. They break up nicely when pushed as well.

JJs are the most highly recommended tubes currently being manufactured. I have had nothing but good results using them. I hope they don't drop their standards.

These are the only tubes I use after a 10 year tone search these are the best for tone quality and best price. These are the TONE KING! I've tried them all NOS RCA(way expensive), EH Russian Made (harsh) and Tong-Sol (not impressed). But these JJ tubes are the kats meow! Smooth and musical!

Even with my technician tin ear they have noticeable brightness and clarity, and still do the crunch when the gain knob is up. Great products & great service. Thanks AP.

Man you talk about fast shipping this sight has it going on. Two days from Arizona to Wisconsin now thats fast. Tube came intact and safely packed. Amplified parts you will have my business for ever.


This tube gave my amp everything the description said it would
right out of the box, And each day my amp just keeps sounding better

This is the best out there since the old EI tubes went away

I replaced the china tube in my ac30vr with the jj and i gotta say i like the result some more clean head room but not to much it still breaks up really nice!!! shipping was great also.

Very good. Not expensive and works really well. The shipping was also very fast. I will purchase here again.

The people at Amplified Parts were a huge help in helping me decide which replacement tubes to purchase. The tubes sounded great - and I would buy again from Amplified. Thanks!

The JJs are less harsh-sounding, with less fizz than others. I used them in a Reverend Goblin, and a Twin.

The JJs are the only tubes that I'll put in my Fenders. Smooth clean and warm is how they sound. I used to okay with the EH and Sovtek stuff but it was too harsh for my ears. Thanks JJ!

The JJ 12AX7's are not my favourite tube in marshall circuits. They tend to be a little too clean and bright. I need something with more distortion

For the low price this is one of the best 12AX7's around.

Great sound!

Out of all the 12AX7's out there this one is nice and warm and very smooth

Out of all of the current production 12AX7's, I think this is the best. I've used these in guitar amps (Ampeg VT-22) and hi-fi gear (Fisher 400C). It is a clean sounding tube.