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MOD Oil Filled Capacitors, 600V, .001µF - .22µF

MOD Oil Filled Capacitors, 600V, .001µF - .22µF
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The MOD Oil Caps are oil impregnated polyester capacitors. Enclosed in an aluminum "mug", they are manufactured with quality materials for durability and superior performance.

Originally used solely in Hi-Fi audio equipment oil filled capacitors are now widely used in guitar amplifiers for their rich, natural tone.

The MOD caps make great coupling caps; they are not intended to be used as filter caps.

Non-Polarized. Minimum lead length = 1.57", lead diameter = 0.03"

Made in Brazil

Values available (all 600 VDC):

Capacitance Diameter x Length
.001 μF 0.38" x 0.85"
.0022 μF 0.38" x 0.9"
.0033 μF 0.35" x 0.73"
.0047 μF 0.38" x 0.85"
.01 μF 0.35" x 0.92"
.022 μF 0.38" x 1.01"
.047 μF 0.46" x 1.06"
.1 μF 0.55" x 1.42"
.22 μF 0.69" x 1.52"
Product Specifications
.001 µFC-MOD001-600Weight0.005 lbs.
.0047 µFC-MOD0047-600Weight0.004 lbs.
.01 µFC-MOD01-600Weight0.006 lbs.
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The Manufacturer states that these capacitors use FOIL as the conductor. So these are polyester FOIL and OIL caps. Think of it as a Mustard cap (polyester and foil) with a little oil added.