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Video DVD - More Tube Amps 101

Video DVD - More Tube Amps 101
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MORE TUBE AMPS 101 - Repairs & Maintenance - DVD

Here's what you've been waiting for! Over two hours of REAL repairs and troubleshooting, inside of REAL vintage tube amps! You also get a FREE 'secret link' to downloadable (and printable) reference files.

Topics include: Draining filter caps (Epiphone Embassy), installing a 3 prong power cord, cleaning and changing pots (Marshall JCM900), silencing a 'ticking' tremolo, repairing a dead vibrato, repairing a dead reverb circuit, eliminating 60 cycle hum - filter caps (Alamo Capri), replacing an output transformer (Trace Velocette), retensioning tube sockets (Wards Airline), blown fuses, troubleshooting a Pro Reverb, 'Cap Job' Review, using the right fuse, using the current limiter, 'blackfacing' (Pro Reverb), biasing and troubleshooting speakers (Super Reverb).


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